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Our canines are skilled in detecting multiple substances.  They are trained to identify odor from specific narcotics without being distracted by any other odors.  With their passive alerts, they will not damage property or items where odor is detected.

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During your initial call we will ask you a series of basic questions concerning the nature of your request. We will establish what the substance is that will be searched for, establish a time and location that works best for you, and discuss the level of discretion you are looking to maintain. This is also the time for us to explain how the search works and answer any questions you may have about the process. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the whole experience. We understand this may be a highly personal request, and aim to accommodate our clients in any way possible. 

*Business, commercial, and government inquiries will be handled on a case by case basis according to the individual request and  specific specifications.  


Your handler will arrive at your front door on the day and time that was previously agreed upon for introductions.  Before deploying the canine, the handler will walk the search area with you, tell you what to expect, ensure you are comfortable with the process, and discuss any distractions or dangers that are present so they can be removed. When the tour is over, the canine team will conduct the search in a manner that minimizes intrusion but ensures a thorough search.


During the detection process, the handler will mark any places of interest and will note where any alerts are made.  When all areas have been searched, the canine will be put back in the vehicle. Once the search is over, your handler will walk you through the areas of interest and explain the alerts from the dog at each site.


At this time it will be up to you if you wish a further search of the areas the dog has alerted on. If requested, our team will provide a hand search of all areas of interest.  Our team members are prohibited from removing narcotics, however, your handler will provide you with disposal recommendations if requested. 

*Because of current state laws, our dogs are not trained to alert on marijuana or any of its variants.  

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