Residential/ Commercial Deterrent

One of the best ways to deal with theft or intrusion is to deter it before it ever happens. We offer one of the best deterrents for these situations. Our teams are highly effective in preventing any unwanted intrusion to property and, in most cases, end a problem before it ever happens. 

Event Protection and Detection 

Events of any size present unique security concerns. We specialize in augmenting existing security infrastructure for duties such as; access control, roving patrols, and detection. Our canine teams can also act in a stand alone capacity and provide coverage and effectiveness far exceeding non canine counterparts. These services are well suited for concerts, premieres, theaters, and venues of any size that host events.

Personal Protection

We also offer individual protection services for high profile and high net-worth individuals. Our highly experienced canine teams can integrate seamlessly with existing protection details as a force multiplier, or work as a single team with the reach and effectiveness found with larger teams. Our canine teams thrive in both overt and covert environments, making them the best choice for any client looking for the pinnacle of protection.